MTR Direct Join - Zoom / Webex

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Hi, we still cannot get 3rd Party (Direct Join) to work for our MTR. I've followed all the steps listed here. Is anybody aware of something undocumented that could break this feature? The Zoom / Webex Join button is created and the browser launches but fails for unknown reason. We are E3 and the device is a Crestron MX50. 

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Do you have and group policy or so in place, that could prevent the browser from allowing to actually join the Zoom/Webex Meeting? Is the MTR domain joined or otherwise "crippled" aka centrally managed?
I have seen, that the service is not available once in a while for some hours but never that it does not work at all.

@Harald_Steindl I don't see any group policies for it no and the MTR is on a guest network with no network side restrictions. How do folk troubleshoot these systems? Logs within the MTR?  

Here are a nice lists to double check:
Things have improved since then but nevertheless very well worth checking.
The following link might not directly address your problem but also worth reading:
AFAIK after some recent updates it works even with rewritten urls.