MTR Content Share Input HDMI always sharing

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Have a client with an always connected always on in room PC that we need to stop it from showing the content locally on MTR screen.
The auto share toggle in settings is only for far end content share start stopping not for local.
So PC output is always outputting regardless of start/stop content share.
Anyone got a solution, looking at Monitor Detection blockers or removing pin19 on HDMI cable for Hotplug detect.
Why can’t the MTR content start stop doing local and remote content share?

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As long as the HDMI ingest device sees a signal it will attempt to display it. You will need to break the chain somehow. Removing pin 19 is probably a bit extreme and it may cause some other issues when trying to present. I would look at a small HDMI auto-switch device that kills the output of itself when there is no valid input detected.

I don't think a house PC was really factored in when MS were coming up with the ingest mechanism, I think they assumed it would be used for laptops on the desk that are physically unplugged when not being used which makes sense.
does this affect the auto-update?
justinbliss is correct that this was how the MTRs were designed. We've run into the same issue as we have wireless sharing devices connected to the UC Engines. If I recall correctly, there may be an option in the roadmap or we just talked about it at Ignite. But I think an option to turn this off on a per-machine basis is at least in their heads.