MSTeams - Teams opening when minimized when using Office 2016 or Edge Browser

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Started once we updated to client version 49/24021528611. Users minimize Teams, then 2 or 3 minutes later, it maximizes itself and takes over the screen. 


Tried clearing cache, restarting machine


Seems to happen most when users are in Office, and/or using the Edge browser


EDIT 3/20/2024

on a call with Microsoft yesterday afternoon, we were able to temporarily fix this issue by logging out and back in to Teams. This had the effect of rolling back the client version to 49/24020205514, which seemed to be causing the issue. However, upon logging out of our machines, once we logged back in, both issues returned, and the client version was once again the one we’re having trouble with, 49/24021528611. The "Teams Version" doesn't seem to be relevant, only the client. Continuing to investigate today.

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We also have the same issue with that client version, and same issue with the even newer 49/24021528615. MS writes in another article they know about this issue and has a incident TM746712 regarding this but we can not find that incident in our tenant. Hope they solve this soon.
thanks, do know where I can find that article you referneced? I haven't been able to find any info about this in my own research
Thank you for that. Im also not able to find that ID number for this issue, but I submitted my own to them. Hopefully, they'll look into it