MSTeaams app on mac no chatbox

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I have problem with MSTeams on Mac. I have MSTeams app on mac and there is no chatbox. Others write something but there is no possibility for me to see the sent information.

I have the newest version possible. Please fix!


Thank You ahead!

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Hi @PilleRiinike  Does this happen all the time or just when you're in a meeting?  


If the Chat option doesn’t appear in the Teams app even after enabling it in the admin center, then fully close and clear the Teams app cache and then login again to get the Chat option. Microsoft Teams.

Doesn't work. I have had problems for over 8 months. No chat box. Zoom does not have these issues.

I also have no chat and have been trying to turn it on in the admin console but it just doesn't work.  

Just replying with a "me too".

I just got off back-to-back Teams meetings.  People were posting chats, and I couldn't see them.  They told me to click on the Chat icon in a toolbar at the top of my Teams window.  There was no toolbar at the top of my Teams window.

Using the latest version of Teams for Mac.  I downloaded the software update last night, and the problem started this morning.

Yes, I have the same problem, I use Microsoft Teams for various reasons. However, this problem keeps appearing. I used the Web Browser once and on that it was visible but on Desktop App it isn't. Whatever goes on in the chat I have absolutely no way of accessing the chat, if anyone is aware of any solutions then please share them. I've tried Uninstalling the app and Re-Installing it but it just seems not to work.

@AbdulHadi2022 Do you have an account with Microsoft but have not purchased Teams for that account?  Sometimes it says I can't join someone else Teams meeting because I haven't purchased Teams. Other times, it lets me join the Teams meeting, but there is no chat box.  We do *not* want to purchase Teams, we just want to join other people's Teams meetings.  But, we have purchased Microsoft Office apps. It seems that Microsoft never thought that people might need Office, but not their own Teams license.  

@John_hbaI use Microsoft Teams for school purposes only. The school clearly stated that they would pay for it, so I took no further action.

This fault has existed in the OSX/Mac app for a long time now (maybe a year). Others in the meeting are missing the chat bubble to chat with you too.
No fix yet.

Upgrading doesn't fix it.

Blowing away the local MS Teams configuration doesn't fix it.

I have this issue too for several months now. My main client uses Teams and its maddening to not have chat. In the past, I've opened Teams meetings in my browser, and the chat does work -- which is so crazy and counter intuitive. Has anyone received an update on this issue and if/when it will be fixed? Does upgrading to the next OS help for anyone?