MSFT Teams Free should allow people to use it WITHOUT the need to create an organization first

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I've talked about this and asked my colleagues, friends and family members about this a lot recently. me and others usually use communication apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord etc. to stay in touch, communicate, send files, send links, use voice chat, for Gaming etc.


I have both education M365 sub and also Free MSFT Teams, which is for my personal use (so not about my university network), and is also the target of the topic here.


I want to use Teams Free as a replacement for Telegram and Discord, 2 very successful platforms in the world, and when evaluating Teams and comparing it to them, I see lots of advantages that Teams has, but also very fundamental shortages.


I want to help people start using MSFT Teams but I run into some troubles which I'm going to explain what they are.


this is all about Teams free. and Teams free should be more appreciated and paid attention to because it needs to attract more users that are already using platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord or even zoom (meh)


  1. The first thing Teams asks users after sign up, is to make an organization! this requirement should be dropped. none of the platforms I mentioned above asks that and the reason is very simple. not everyone wants to be an owner of an organization. majority of people want to join other people's Teams/Groups/Voice chats/Text chats etc. and the word "Organization" sounds like a feature that primarily is reserved for big companies and enterprises, not the average, non-tech-savvy user that wants to move from platforms like Discord or Telegram to Teams. this is a true sentiment and even though I'm a programmer and tech-savvy, I can easily understand the reaction of people I talk to.
  2. "invite by link" feature needs to be enabled by default. users are having hard time finding the setting to turn it on. by default, only sending invites through Email is available to people and most users don't find it convenient, having the ability to copy a link and send it using Any means is much better (send a quick short link via Email, SMS, chat apps, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  3. the invite links shouldn't be tied to an organization, instead they should be tied to each Team.
  4. Teams and organizations should be separated. a person needs to be able to have multiple Teams (and 0 organization). a person needs to be able to invite people to each of the Teams separately, with separate quick invite links for each of them.
  5. the Organization can be an optional thing, or make it only available to paid subscribers. for Teams Free, the obligation to make an Organization really needs to be optional so that people can use it only when they want to, for example to have all their Teams and Chats under one name, for easier management etc.
  6. Add the ability to create voice-only channels for each Team. a voice-only channel where people can only use voice activity for communication.
  7. Let people create a unique usernames for themselves and use it to add each other on MSFT Teams. like the new Xbox gamer tag system or Discord usernames. a name and # with numbers (e.g. HotCakeX#1234)


I hope one of the Teams developers see this topic and consider these suggestions.

they are honestly Important and will greatly help Teams adoption if implemented.


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I understand that when Microsoft created Teams at first, they had enterprises and businesses in mind and targeted them primarily, you can easily see that from the features available in Teams. Teams is undoubtedly perfect for businesses, organizations, schools, remote workers, remote education and schooling etc.

but considering the events happened in the past year or two, or the pandemic, or emergence of other competitors, this needs to change, so that Teams can be easily useful for regular users and more personal needs.

This can also open doors to other sources of income for the company.
for example, MSFT could offer subscriptions (Not M365), to Teams free members only, to have access to additional features, for example increase the max number of members in a team, or the ability to add gifs as their profile picture, and other similar ideas.

so please, if you are a member of MSFT Teams developer team and reading this, consider these suggestions with higher priority and if you are a user and like these ideas, use the provided channels to suggest these to the developers.


thank you!