MS Teams Youtube streaming

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Currently using Teams within our corporate environment. We host a company-wide meeting every week where around 300-350 users attend and find that when the host of the meeting is sharing their screen, the quality of any videos (YouTube for example) the quality is terrible. Certain this is a bandwidth issue but would like to find a solution that didn't need the host to share their screen.


I've noticed there's a YouTube tab that can be added after associating a link to it, but this requires the viewers to come out of the call and then go the tab and play the video. We're looking at a way of the presenter being able to play the link for the viewers, without them having to do anything. I hope this makes sense.

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I think the only best approch will be the presenter share the only tab/application where youtube is opened and all the participants watch from his screen, for sure this will need a good internet bandwidth besides for the viewers they will also need to have good internet bandwidth.

Also youtube mostly auto-put the video in different quality depends on your internet speed....could be an option to download the full 4K or HD version of the video and present it...