MS Teams workflow solutions for small business

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Hello, I am looking for guidance and best practices on MS Teams solutions for simple workflows for a small business. I work at a small care management practice and looking for a solution to help us streamline and systematize our shared workflows with repeatable actions in the correct order in a timely fashion.  I will use the analogy of a fast-food restaurant such as McDonalds.  We perform a a standard services for our clients with some customization based on the client situation similar to a customer ordering a Big Mac.  The process to build the big mac follows steps performed in a specific order by various team members to ensure it’s prepared the same way every time in a timely manner and can have customizations by customer (e.g. hold the pickles).  I am looking for an easy to launch MS Teams solution to orchestrate the step-by-step process we perform for a given client with "baton tossing" between multiple team members (admin, care manager, bookkeeper) to provide a standard service from start to finish with customizations along the way for our clients ensuring we do not skip steps or perform in an inefficient order.  For example, for our client assessment service, we first meet the client, then conduct the assessment, identify concerns, establish goals and actions in a care plan, get the boss’ approval on the plan, send to the the client of agreement, then the service is complete when we can begin implementing the plan of care.  The service includes approvals to get the boss to approve the plan before it’s shared with the client.  The service can be offered to more than one customer at the same time.  I want to be able to track the completion of the service for each customer and report on the status (done/not done) and how many times we have provided a given service across all customers. I want to the solution to manage different services at the same time for the same client.  In my McDonalds example, I want to see the status of all Big Macs being prepared for a given day for a given customer and how many Big Macs sold for a given week/month.  Wondering if MS Planner and To Do using Shared Plans is the best way to go?  Is there a template I can use to kickoff the service for a new customer following the same step-by-step workflow?  Or maybe the Asana App? For approvals, we could use the Approval App?  I would be grateful for any advice you have to help me find the simplest solution.


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