MS Teams Voice outbound calls list and from what user report

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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this.


We are having this problem.


how can we get a report to know how many outbound calls have been made and to know the users utilizing it

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Hi @IBN , 
I guess you are searching for fast and easy way and not setup full blown CDR reports regularly for accounting, or? 
Fast and easy way is Teams Admin Center and 


Then you setup following report and check the respective PSTN access. If you use Direct Routing then switch to Direct Routing in report. If your users use Calling Plan you would remain on main tab. 


in the table you see Call Type which you can use for identification of inbound and outbound calls, or conference calls, forwarded calls etc. 

Straightforward and you can also make Excel export for more magics to filter your users and get consolidated information.

More advanced way would be setting up Power BI report or simply buying third party solution. 


Hope this helps ;)