MS teams user is unable to download MS office files( Excel, Word,PPt, txt) shared by their team


One of our user is unable to download the files ( excel, word, ppt, txt) files shared by her team members or any other team member in the organization over MS teams chat.  We tried clearing teams cache , reset password, checked more settings in one drive for items to deactivate , etc. nothing worked. We even tried opening the file using web link and it says user needs permission to access the file, hence submit request. After approving the request user is able to access and download file. Hence she cannot keep that requesting for 100's of files that she receives from multiple users in a day. Hence need quick fix.

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Is there anything that differs this user from another one? Business laptop? Licensing? And so on.

I would probably start by removing this particular user from the team. Wait a little while and the re-add.