MS Teams: User free/busy translation [German]

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since today we have a translation issue in the free/busy information for our users. Instead of translating the englisch 'Free until....' into the german 'Frei bis ....', it now translates to 'Kostenlos bis ....'. 'Kostenlos'  is used when a product is for free, but not if a person has free time, then you should use 'Frei'. This was correct in the past and should be changed back asap, this looks very unprofessional.



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Have you managed to solve it? 

No, i think this has to be resolved by Microsoft with an update for MS Teams. I feel like it is wrong in the language pack or something, but this is just a guess.
Well I feel the same , do you have an open case with them today?
No, i don't have access to the ticket system in our tenant. I thought i raise this here since there were no posts about it.
Also, if you want to send a message that arrives really fast, you can now
"Eine schnelle Nachricht senden"

It will use a separate network route that has prio over everything else.

Like their coke lines have priority over their brain cells.

Just classic MS in 2023. Why bother with using your brain, when you can throw automation onto anything?! Cancer company of the century.

Same here for all German accounts - with old and new Teams.

Is somebody at MS actually proofreading translations before they roll out changes to bigger user groups?

Fix will be provided until 14th Nov. TM687047