Ms Teams under restricted domain User

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Hi All,

I have windows server 2016 and I have applied a User software restriction rule,

and I allowed the program files and teams path 

then I pushed Team with MSI to all PCs

but on the Domain user, the teams start to be installed again and because of the restriction it gets blocked 

is there any way that I allow the teams installation and start on Domain user 

as it works normally on local Admin 



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When you say "program files" and "teams path", can you clarify what those both are? When you installed Teams, what switches did you apply?

@AhmedG130 Teams installs and runs from a folder in the userprofile, the machine wide installer you deployed just sets up the machines so it installs into the users profile as they log on.


To use an ARP or AppLocker policy you'll need to trust the publishers certificate.


Hi Jangliss

I mean first I've created "software restriction policies" in 

User Configuration >windows settings>software restriction policies

with Security levels > disallowed 

in additional Rules, i added some Paths for " windows Program Files both versions and AppData Teams Folder

but still on domain user Teams doesn't initiate the wide installer 

and say when i try to do it manually from that user " failed to extract installer "

@Steven Collier 

Hi Steven,

correct me if I am wrong 

i did the following 

exported Teams Certificate and in Additional Rule, i created a new Certificate Rule unrestricted and added the Certificate i exported earlier 

then in 

User Configuration >windows settings>software restriction policies

in Trusted Publishers 

i defined the policy settings to Allow all admin. and users to manage user own trusted publishers

and marked the two other options for any revoke 

still the installer on the domain user didn't start 

and when i try to do it manually from that user " failed to extract installer "

Hi Again
I have found the solution
is to unrestrict the SquirrelTemp folder
now teams is working fine and updated correctly