MS Teams statusbar or notification area icons never show unread notes, and are often out of date

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I work in an organization that is starting to utilize MS Teams.  My desktop is a Win10 laptop.


When people post notes in a chat or room that I have in my MS Teams, the status bar icon (and notification area icon?) are supposed to change so that the number of unread notes is shown in white inside a red circle.


In my experience, I have only EVER seen this icon show either a red dot or a green dot.  It never shows the number of unread notes.  In addition, this is almost always out of date.  It seems like it takes a couple of hours after a state change in the app until the icon changes.  If it's showing a red dot, and I read all the unread notes, it doesn't update to a green dot for literally hours after that.  If the icon has a green dot and a new message comes in, it takes about the same length of time for the icon to show a red dot.


I know that at least some people in my organization are not seeing these symptoms, or at least, one of them.  I've seen people sharing screens that show a red dot with a number in it.  I don't know if their update speed is reasonable, or whether it takes hours like it does mine.


I've been asking the team that supports MS Teams internally, but I feel like they are in denial.


I had earlier thought that I was seeing the same symptom with WebEx Teams, which we are also using, but I'm now seeing that the WebEx Teams icon does properly update with the number of unread notes.  As of a few minutes ago, I had unread notes in both WebEx Teams and MS Teams.  The WebEx Teams icon shows the number of unread notes, and the MS Teams icon was green, indicating no unread notes.  Since I started writing this note, the MS Teams icon has changed to the red dot, but with no indication of the number of unread notes.

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After some detailed testing with a colleague, it appears that the status bar icon will change to show a number if there is a new message that:
* Is in a team room and has a direct mention of me
* Is in a direct chat room

If there is a new message in a team room that does not mention me, the status bar icon does not change. In the MS Teams interface, the team with the unread message is bolded, but that's all that happens.
Same here. The dot in the taskbar takes way too long to update. As a notification tool it leaves a lot to be desired if it does not go to green promptly when all messages have been viewed.