MS Teams spikes host CPU - VMware Horizon environment

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We're running into an issue with MS Teams installed on virtual machines where Teams does offload to the thin client, but it spikes the thin clients CPU to 90+%.
This makes working in the virtual machine while attending a video call impossible. The video call itself is perfectly smooth though. This does not happen with Zoom, only with Teams.


Our setup:
Horizon View 7.13.1 - Instant Clones
10Zig 6000q thin clients, 2GHz 4 core, 6GB RAM, Windows 10 LTSC
Teams: (64-bit). VMware Media Optimized
Protocol: Blast
We have following GPO setting set:
Enable VMware HTML5 Features
Enable Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams

We've tried different values for the H.264 Max an Min GPO setting as well, but this seems to have no affect on the CPU spike at all.


Any help appreciated.

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Since the community has not yet responded to your post, you might want to seek assistance with other resources that are staffed by authorized Microsoft agents:


  • Ask your IT manager to open a support case or call Microsoft using the support line you were given.  Other options for business subscription admins are listed here:

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