MS Teams Someone has already setup teams for your organization

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Hello, I want to use MS Teams Windows App for free, but if I try to logon I got the message: MS Teams Someone has already setup teams for your organization.


Please help, so that I can login and use MS Teams for free as other collegues next to me do so, thx

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Hi @MarcinVCP in that case, someone will have already used the email domain to initialize Teams Freemium. Either you ask the colleague who set up Teams Freemium for an account. Or you use Teams Freemium with another mail address. But then you will not be able to communicate directly with your colleagues and will be alone in Teams as an island solution.

@Thorsten Pickhan 


Hi Thorsten,


To be honest, I am confused. I am pretty sure, neither have I, nor my administrator or anyone else, have used my e-mail account to use/initialize/do anything with Teams Freemium – that’s the first time I hear about something like that. Could you please deactivate/delete or do whatever it takes to make my account/e-mail address work on Microsoft Teams? This would be highly appreciated.

Hi @MarcinVCP, I'm not a Microsoft employee. I'm a normal Teams user and I'm active in the community and try to support other Teams users like you on a voluntary basis. Therefor, sorry, I have to appologize but I can't fix/delete anything for you.

Did you subscribe for an Office 365 service like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online or for some other Microsoft business subscription?