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On MS Ignite 2018 Shifts and Home  was announced as replacement for StuffHub. Any idea when will this be launched? I have tried in multiple tenants, all with enabled First release, but it is still not visible in store or Teams for that matter.  

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Microsoft have Said they Will be released ”soon” If someone knows a more specific date please tell!
1st of October 2019 stuffhub will stop working and users will be redirected to home! So a bit before then :)
It should be released this month! (November)

So... it's November and I can't find anything yet.

November’s not over :) which release are you in?

Hi Tomaz, 


As confirmed by Microsoft on their StaffHub Retirement post -


Will Microsoft Teams offer all of the functionality currently offered in Microsoft StaffHub?

Yes, starting in November 2018, Microsoft Teams will offer a Shifts feature, which enables managers to create, update, and manage schedules, and lets employees post their availability, swap shifts, and request time off. In addition, the Home view in the Teams mobile app will display the employee’s schedule and important company announcements.


Whether Microsoft actually do it is open to guesswork as Shifts and Home are not actually on their roadmap at from what I can tell, but like Adam says let's see as we are only halfway through the month


Best, Chris

Does anyone see the Shifts feature yet?  I still don't see it in my Teams but got asked about it today from our call center manager.

Not yet .. It looks like it is not yet rolled-out, even though Microsoft mentioned they will start roll-out in November.  Also there is no exact date on roll-out and nothing appeared in tenant message center. 




best response confirmed by Tomaz Kralj (New Contributor)
From other forum threads Shifts can be enabled if you enable the developer preview

However, as Adam says, it is recommended to wait for the GA release

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Yep, it works in Developer mode 

Anyone know if this requires "enabling" by admins or will it be defaulted for all users? If it has to be enabled does it have to be company wide? Thanks!

Hi Donovan,

You need to ensure it’s enabled in the tenant, then the desktop app.

You can follow the guide here

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It doesn't really work if you enable developer preview, yes the managers interface will appear in the desktop client, but you wont get the new functionality in the mobile application as a shift worker. Just wait for release in the new year.

@Christopher Hoard wrote:
Hi Donovan,

You need to ensure it’s enabled in the tenant, then the desktop app.

You can follow the guide here

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Is that just for the current Development mode and when its fully released it won't require a tenant approval, or will also require that once public as well? Thanks

Hi Donovan,

You just need to turn develop mode on in the tenant once and then in the desktop app once. As per the article you can turn it off again. But a note of caution is that once you turn it on in the tenant, all users can turn developer mode on in the app if they find the feature. When the feature is released in GA then you don’t need to have developer mode on to have the shifts feature.

As others have implied, developer mode really is for developers and testing the side loading of apps. The article itself explains that it can be buggy and more prone to issues. Therefore it’s really to be used in good faith as in development as opposed to just getting the latest features. You’ll likely get little support for it. So I would always recommend the GA release and waiting for that but if you do need it then you can always turn it back off once done it’s not like a one way upgrade.

Best, Chris

Do we know if you need a certain version of Teams to see it?  Maybe it's not out for everyone yet?  I found this page that shows it should be in the sidebar or under More Apps but I don't see it.  Not even if I search the store.


Our Customer Support manager has been waiting for this so I'm hoping I can find it and he can start testing it out.

@Chris Hoard , is there reference for actual public release? The link was about new features announced today..

Either way, a roll out can take some time reaching all tenants!!

There is a line in that article that says:


"With Shifts now available in Teams for all customers, the new API makes integration between Shifts and enterprise scheduling systems possible, enabling seamless access to workforce management systems for managers and employees, right from Teams."


So that's why I went looking for it.  I guess I'll just keep waiting.  ;)