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Hi all,


Is there any ongoing cost for teams SharePoint site e.g. Quota etc.


Many thanks

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1 TB + 10 GB per licensed user you have...
Sorry!! Typo! Juan is correct! I missed a 0


Hi Adam / Juan,


Does that mean any extra storage will incur cost? If Yes, are you able point how cost can be calculated?

Up to 25 TB per site collection or group. If we need request more storage for site collection extra cost?

1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased - Addition storage incur extra cost?


In addition to storage do you see any other ongoing cost for MS Teams / Teams SharePoint Site with the license Office 365 Advanced Compliance, and Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 licences?


Many thanks.

AFAIK it’s 0,20$ /gb per month as also seen here:

Otherwise , There is no additional costs except from the licensing costs

Yes agree with Juan and Adam

Once you have surpassed your initial quota it’s per gb for extra storage. That would be an Add On to your existing SKU and should be available to purchase through your admin centre or through your CSP.

Best, Chris
Correct, if you need extra storage you will have to add to your pointed out by Adam, there is a SPO AddOn storage that allows you to add additional space in SPO. The cost of each 1 AddOn is 0,1 € / GB / month. There are no other hidden costs related to Teams / SharePoint in regards of storage
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