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Hi.  I have just created a new MS Teams area, created channels and added members.  I am set as the Owner, all members are set as Members.  Members can add docs but not delete.  Is there any guide detailing how to set permissions for members?  Is there also a document update notification feature, that notifies selected members when docs are modified?



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Members have contribute SharePoint access by default, they should be able to delete documents(documents in Teams are stored here).

Teams doesn't have a notification function, but SharePoint does. Go to the files tab, then "Open in SharePoint", here you can select an item, or get alerts for the entire library, click on the "Alert Me" to setup notifications.
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Thank you.  I followed your details and it works great.

I'm pretty new to MS Teams, so this is very helpful.


Thanks again.



you may find these getting started guides helpful,


Thanks Dean. I have found a couple sites with MS Teams information. I will look at this one as well.