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Hello Folks,


We have round robin setup on our call queue for customers.We have exported the power bi report and got to know from agents that somedays a particular agent is getting more call than other and next day that agent is getting less calls then other.So round robin is working but looks like the system working on weekly basis . Calls are not getting disturbed equally on daily basis,rather than that it's may be getting disturbed weekly/monthly basis not sure.


Is there any way we can have equal call distribution each day and next day system will forget whatever happened last day and start distributing the call for the present day only?


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@Rajdeepz50 in your call queue settings Presence-based call routing option is enabled?


Presence-based call routing uses the availability status of call agents to determine whether an agent should be included in the call routing list for the selected routing method.

One of the user said that she just dropped a call and got another call , that's how she got back to back call . All agents got 1 call , 3 call ,4 call but one user got 13 call .Next day the agent receiving less call who got most of the calls last day.

In presence based routing i think call will not come to agent who is already in call . Is there any difference in behaviour on status available and busy?

I think presence based routing will not include agents who are in call and enabling that agent can missuse the feature to be on other call.

Now calls are not getting disturbed daily basis , the system is not getting refreshed each day ,it keep on calculating from previous day.

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How disabling presence based routing going to help us?
the call queue will call the agent whether his status is available or not so maybe this change the numbers of call received to each agents . because the agent with status away will not being called from the call queue