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Hi All , 


   The customer wants to resize the taken picture from his mobile device in order to save bandwidth and speed up the upload of the file. Due to the bandwidth limitation of the internet link, ideally, it wants the size of the picture to be less than 150KB. Even if we change the camera settings of the mobile device the photo size is no less than 1MB.  So my questions are :

  1.    Is it possible to change the default camera app of MS TEAMS?
  2.    Is it possible to change the photo size before or during the Shot 

 Any other possible solutions will be helpful.

Thanks in advance 




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@Ctsaky sorry, there is no settings you can control to change the size of the images takes using the smart camera in Teams. 150K would be a very low resolution photo, while I appreciate they may have a bandwidth limitation what do they want o achieve using Teams?

Given photos are taken on a mobile, would these really be on their network, or using their own LTE network connection?

@Steven Collier The customer is a shipping company with a satellite connection. So, every byte is count 

The solution involves mobile phones with MS TEAMs on the ship. On a daily basis, the ship engineers should inform Leader Engineers at the headquarters. Many photos, will be sent to HQ.  

So we are looking for a solution to reduce the size of photos in order to minimize Internet link costs

So far we have been using Android mobiles and we have configured the camera settings to reduce the photo size 

Thanks for the quick response and for your help 





You can check this option in Teams App (Android mobile) Settings --> data & Storage --> Image quality upload --> you can select (Always send in low resolution)


Try this option.... might help you to resolve....



@Sam_Q Cool I didn't remember that ... can't be set by policy though. I assume the default is based on the available bandwidth in the first place.


@Steven Collier Hi, That was the trick for me...  Thanks, both guys 

In general, teams is not a user friendly application. I have the same issue. I don't know how to fix it.