MS Teams Remove Tabs

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I have created a new team and I am the owner.


I can see there are tabs in the General channel called Staff Notebook and Reflect.


I didn't add these nor do I need them. How can I delete/hide these tabs?


I should also add that I can't seem to move these tabs left or right either.

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Hi @Andres Gorzelany 


Yes, I created a staff team. I created another one just now and the same tabs appear.

It seems that tab comes as default when creating staff-type teams.

See here if you can disable it

If I get my hands into an EDU tenant I'll try to test

@Andres Gorzelany I can't seem to disable either of these tabs. Seems a bit pointless having them when I won't be using them..

I set up a demo edu tenant but I couldn't remove those tabs, is it required to be a Staff team or can you create a team of type "Other" ?