MS Teams real life use cases

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Hello folks,  I was wondering if anyone would be able to share some real life use cases of MS Teams. If possible, I am interested in actual examples of how you used MS Teams, connectors, etc. to solve a business need.  Samples, ideas, and screenshots would really help. I am talking to a client about MS Teams and want to explore more scenarios than those we know of. I am sure lots of you are using Teams in creative ways out there and would love to learn how!  Thank you in advance.

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I am an O365 Evangelist, and we try to help out different business units so that can be more productive. In one of the recent Teams migration that we did, the Business unit lead reached out to us asking for help with the following:

Business Requirement:

  • Digitize the Business Review Process
  • Consolidate the different tools to a single platform
  • Reduce the email noise

Communication Challenges:

  • Hard to keep track of emails between different regions
  • Difficulties maintaining the file versions shared manually with the team as email attachments.


After the migration we were able to move the following workflows to Teams:


Existing Workflow

After Migration to Teams


Email Meeting Agenda to the team.

Create a message with Subject line to publish the agenda of the call

No email communication needed

Email Excel attachment to capture regional numbers

Along with the agenda also post an excel file to capture data from different regions and @mention people whose attention is needed

No version control required

Consolidate the different version of excel to come up with a current version

You can coauthor in Excel from Teams 

No more working with version

Create charts in excel to show the trends

Create power BI reports based out of the excel

Better reporting

Create notes in OneNote and send out actionable items to team members via email

Use Planner to assign the actionable items from the call

Easier for people to keep track of the assigned tasks

Email PowerPoint to the team after the meeting

Upload the PowerPoint and start a conversation related to that.

No email communication needed


So the newly created Teams has 4 channels for each region. Each Channel has all the Files related to the Business review process in Files Tab. All the reports are now generated via Power BI and are integrated via a Tab in the channel. The actionable items are identified as tasks in Planner (again integrated as a tab), and Agenda is posted in Conversation.

So the need to hop from one platform to another is no longer there, and it created a culture of transparency between the team as everyone can see the conversations.

Probably a long post but hope this helps!

Now in the phase 2 of the same engagement, we are configuring SharePoint News Connectors . The Team will start to publish monthly reports(Which includes PowerPoint, Video, Sway, Forms for survey, etc) as news and that will get automatically published in Teams.
Thank you very much; it does!

Interesting. I am not familiar with SharePoint connectors. Would you mind elaborating?

Check out this article on here, great use of MS Teams and might give you some ideas.

@Tanya Arora This is very useful, thanks a lot for sharing!

@Tanya Arora  Yes pls share more details!

This article might be helpful for getting an idea about how to use Teams: