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So I want to be able to access MS Teams meetings on the mobile browser itself, i.e on the mobile web app.

I don't want our customers to be asked to download the MS Teams mobile app. They should be able to join meetings directly from the browser itself.


What should I do?




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@Richa_Talaty nothing you can do, Teams does not support mobile browsers and there are currently no plans to add that feature (I know because I asked recently).


Just to add, when someone is directed to download the app from a meeting join on mobile it all passes through. so once they have the app it will open and join the meeting. At no stage do they need an account or to log in.

@Steven Collier  Cool, thanks! Appreciate it.

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Good news, it's actually possible to access MS Teams via mobile browser. You just need to set your mobile browser to "request desktop site" when the "browser not supported" window shows up. Then you can access Teams as usual.

Don’t think it works for chrome on iPhone

This feature is a much needed feature. This would greatly improve the user experience for guests joining Microsoft Teams meetings from their phone.

@jklein1100agreed. This is essential to businesses with clients who are not Tech savvy and either do not want to, or do not know how to download an app. 

Yes it works... Thanks

I would encourage anyone who would like to see this feature to vote for it on the Feedback Portal:


Support for mobile browsers · Community (


Edit: replaced the UserVoice link with a link to the new Microsoft Feedback Portal

@Mkbelim it does work. only problem happens while using the screenshare. It asks to add an extension for Chrome which is not possible while using mobile browser. If any one has any solution or work around please let me know. Its urgent

Specially when i have to use two teams account (one for my own organisation and one client provided) i can do all things using msteams on mobile browser except screenshare. I am using samsung galaxy tab s7+
Works on Chrome for Android (Samsung), Even third party apps is working

@Richa_Talaty Are you still being able to use it on mobile browser? Mine has stopped a couple weeks ago.

For me it's actually not possible anymore since April 2022 to load MS Teams in a mobile browser like Chrome, even when requested to load it as a desktop site :\ very annoying!

To update this rather old thread, if you use Microsoft Bookings then the meetings do open in the mobile browser, no install is required. I think this is limited to Bookings though.

@Steven Collier


Perhaps indeed because we don't use Bookings. I go rather to simply that loads endlessly and prompting an error after a while. Sad to see this "progress"!

@BartVDB Exactly my case here, Bart. I've tried Firefox, it works, opens everything but does not support any kind of audio/video/call. Opera does not work.

Fierfox support recently the conventional web appearance. @GabrielMessas 

@os123455 I tried this "request desktop site" on iPhone browsers(Safari/Chrome), but it is not working as in Android. Can you/anyone please suggest any workaround for it? Help would be appreciated.

@Shubham09 I had the same issue.  I tried safari.  It was hard but I got it there. Go to settings of safari in your phone and unselect lock cookies and avoid following between sites. Then go to safari and select desktop version in AA (maybe you need select this directly in settings of the website also in Aa menu to be sure it doesn't change to mobile version again while is loading teams.).  At the end I just add it to my screen in my phone. If you change again the settings for initial values (recomended) you will need to change again each time you want to use teams again.