Ms teams not connecting during calls

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When I try to answer a call, the call will hang up and automatically call back the person calling me. When I call a person it says that they couldn’t connect me. Only happens on my pc. Thanks

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Difficult to advice a solution for this problem since we don't have much information about any particularities on your Teams setup that migh be causing this problem. For instance, It migh be caused by bad Internet connection either in your side or in your caller side
Internet is not an issue. Teams works well on my phone and on a friends computer. It was working well on my computer a few weeks ago but now it seems it is rejecting my computer.
If it's working on other devices, that implies permissions and general config is OK. Presence status on your PC? Try changing speaker/microphone devices e.g. from headset to inbuilt? Tried in the Windows Sandbox / HyperV (be sure to enable speaker/microphone mapping)? Tired running Sysinternals Process Monitor to see what happens at the time of disconnection? Same on Teams Web?

Good luck.