MS Teams not allowing @ symbol in command bar to search for people

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Using the command bar in Teams, and typing the @ symbol I should be able to search for a person, type my message, hit enter and the message is sent. However, the @ symbol is not working. Has Microsoft changed it so that we can't search in the command bar for a person, type a message and hit enter or are we now forced to go to chat and type in the conversation bar instead?


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No that is still working. Try to just restart your Teams client and also check for updates for your Teams client.

If that doesn't help clear Teams cache and/or reinstall Teams client.

@Linus Cansby 


Thanks for you response. Yep, I cleared the cache before I posted this, also tested this with other users and they are having the same issue so it must be an issue with our organisation if it is working elsewhere.



Have you tested in Teams Web Application too? ?
Yes, not working there either.