Ms-Teams network protocols in use?

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Hi, Our company will deploy Ms-Team VOIP phone system soon, with the combination of soft phones (pc based clients) + Yealink SIP-T series physical handset.


1. First thing wanted to ask is MS-TEAM is NOT using RTP tunnelling inside of HTTP/HTTPS right????

It suppose to be separate, RTP for data plane, HTTP/HTTPS for signalling?


2. Also wondering if anyone can help me confirm the below tables of IP network protocols is correct?


PlaneMedia Traffic TypeUser source portDestination portProtocol
DataVoiceUDP 50000-50019UDP 3478-3481RTP over UDP
DataVideoUDP 50020-50039UDP 3478-3481RTP over UDP
DataScreen SharingUDP 50040-50059UDP 3478-3481RTP over UDP
Signaling  TCP 80 and 443HTTP/HTTPS
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@danfeng The strong preference is for Teams to use UDP, but if that's not available it will then use HTTPS. HTTPS will have higher latency and lead to lower call quality. I wouldn't normally refer to is as RTP over UDP, just UDP. 


Your ports look right to me, strictly I think 3479 is voice, 3480 video and 3481 screen sharing (3478 being for STUN).



So my understanding is for SIGNALING plane, it will use HTTP/HTTPS for voice setup. (just like SIP or skinny protocols for other Vendor's VOIP systems).
Then for the actually DATA plane, it will use UDP,
Is my understanding correct?