MS Teams needs a page/tab for shared links just like files

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When working with remote workers, and many times even having external guests in channels and chats, we then have users that share links - could be a google doc, could be a static external would be awesome if TEAMS can do what HipChat did which is have a sub-tab that listed all "links" shared in that chat group or channel.  This would increase efficiency for my team tremendously,  

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I really like this idea, at a minimum a tab that pulls from Shared with Me view with the person or people in the chat in OneDrive, and add those views into the client as well. Should be minimal effort type of thing since the views already exist.

I was secretly hoping the files tab replacement in Teams, would include files tab replacement in chat and link to the shared with me view for those in the chat.

@Anks312  This is exactly what we're looking for as a means to leverage MS Teams as a knowledge base for sharing resources. Oftentimes those resources are actually hyperlinks, not files. If Teams could automatically aggregate those links into a list/tab, that would be wonderful.