MS Teams + Neat Board

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at the company we have "Neat Board" device purchased from (
Previously it had "ZOOM" on it & it worked fine, but now management wants that we install "MS Teams".
Things we did for now:
  • factory reset of Neat-board;
  • installed MS Teams;
  • created a resource in;
  • assigned a "MS Teams ROOMS PRO" to the device;
Problem/additional info:
  • when we try to register/sign-in to "MS Teams" on Neat-device, we get that code, we sign in with admin account (me or someone from my team), after few seconds we keep getting error "Couldn't enroll into Intune" then it goes back to show us code for (;
  • device is not showing in MS Teams admin center;
  • device is not showing in Intune;
  • resource account is showing in Teams Admin center;
1.) are we missing something in Teams admin center?
2.) is this Intune problem or something else?
3.) if I sign-into with my account -> will that mean that I will be notified every time someone signs into or schedules something through this device?
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Check the audit logs in Azure AD (Entra ID) to see if that can clarify the issue. 
Make sure MFA is not used for the room account.

Maybe a CA rule is the problem? 

Also if you are not going to Intune you can remove that option in the licens to see if that helps.