MS Teams Migration one tenant to another office365 tenant

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Is there any third party tool that could do MS Teams migrations with channels, files, conversations and ever thing from One tenant to another tenant?

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There is currently no solution to this, I’m afraid! The sharepoint data can be migrated but the teams themselves and the conversations and connections cant’t


There certainly is an api that would allow you to copy the teams and channels between teams instances so I'm not sure why @adam deltinger is being so definitive here :) Try speaking to someone like Netwoven inc. who I know specialise in such things.


There isn't an api that would allow you to replay messages with the original dates and times, but I've seen where people repost through a system account with the original thread as the message. Not ideal but what you can get at the moment.

Yes, I may have been a little to fast on the keyboard @Steven Collier :) I guess there are stray solutions to copy some things and manually building some, do some trixing with conversations, and so on! Sorry, don’t want to mislead anyone but I read the topic as he wanted a finished solution for export/import from tenant to tenant..Plainly migrate a team with structure, settings , tabs with content and the conversations, SP data etc, to a different tenant is not available as I know of! I’m gladly proved wrong and if you have any good links to some good stuff, please let me know!!



Yes now there is the Cloudiway migration tool that allows you to do MS Teams migration.

It has been released recently. 

You can go ask them

@Roman Giuntahave you actually used their products? i don't see anything on their site indicating that they move content in Teams channels to another tenant. I'm waiting for a response from them, but I'm hoping that you might have some more info

Also get in touch with Bittitan/MigrationWiz. I believe they can now migrate Teams, but haven't released it publically yet.

@Ben Christianthanks, BitTitan told us last fall they were working on it but i have not heard anything since. Do you have any recent info?

Yes, we are in the early stages of planning a migration project which will include migration of O365 resources from one tenant to another. Last week we asked them if they can migrate teams and the answer was that they can, but it's not released to the public yet.  Not sure when it will be publically released, but it sounds like they will make it available to customers on request.

Cloudiways site had no response from the sales chat so I emailed them. It took 4 days to respond and they advised me to contact sales even though I provided the details and my contact info. The email address was undeliverable.

You can also get in touch with us #AvePoint to talk about the Migration. We do have different options available for Tenant to Tenant Migration including #MicrosoftTeams and quite some experience with it as well.
Would recommend AvePoint - have had good experiences with them.

Best, Chris

@Jeremy_Hill How is your experience now with MigrationWiz? I am looking for a tool that can do a tenant to tenant migration (carve-out project) and looking into three options:

1. MigrationWiz

2. Cloudiway

3. AvePoint

What is your recommendation at this point?



Hi @Mike Platvoet adding to your list - Teams Migrator. migrates everything in Teams including OneNote, Wiki and Planner tabs. 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan What's pricing for your product? Interested to know more.

@Mike_Crampton Can you please DM your email address and I will share you more details. 

@Dean Gross 

I think it is there from Cloudiway perspective to do Teams Migration over their website.

Kindly check this link:


@adam deltinger Is there any update regarding the Teams migration from Tenant to Tenant as the reply was from 2018. Now is there any way that microsoft provides the migration of Teams Chat .