MS teams meeting options problem

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As organizer of the meeting  I want to change the meeting options. When I click on it I am leaded to the page of logging in. After filling in my username, the page is changing and after a while I get the message. There is something wrong, try it later again. It is the free version of ms teams and it is the same for the app and the online version. Can somebody help? 

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@Yvonne_Groenstege Hi, cached credentials are usually causing this (when clicking on the link) so you would have to use an InPrivate / Incognito session, at least if you're using more than one account. You get another message though and don't mention additional accounts. So I would sign out and back in manually to begin with, top right corner. If you still experience the "loading" when clicking the link, try scheduling the meeting, join it and then set your desired meeting options from within the meeting instead ("More actions"... ).

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks, sign out and back in didn't work out. The problem still exists. But your second solution works well, so this problem is solved. But I don't like this situation. I will try to remove the app and reinstall it, sometimes that also solves problems. 

@Yvonne_Groenstege  I removed and reinstalled Teams and  the problem still exists. I watched better this time and I see that Teams refer to an account I don't know om my laptop 

I was looking on the community for a solution and found this answer from you

Change Teams default login - Microsoft Tech Community Can I use it also for my case? 

The problem is that I want to add moderators to the meeting for the case my laptop is again restarting for several hours after an update. So I could not starting the meeting and let others in. 

@Yvonne_Groenstege Hi, try removing Teams again and make sure the content in these locations are deleted as well. You can copy and paste these via Start button (paste in the search field and hit enter to get there).





Then download/reinstall Teams and sign in with your Teams free account.


Totally forgot. Remove all cache in your browser/browsers too. You could use InPrivate or Incognito mode as an alternative.

@ChristianBergstrom Great, I can do everything I want to do with teams. Thanks a lot.