MS Teams is stop recording without clicking

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Hello All, I’m a new one here. I just faced some issue about recording a meeting in MS Teams. Meeting’s duration is 5 hrs but i can not record whole meeting in one time. I mean it’s stop recording itself and I did’n do any clicking of stoping the records. Has anyone experienced situation like this? How can we fix it? How do they come?
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Hi @Siriwan_Puyati

If someone forgets to leave the meeting, the recording automatically ends after four hours.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Although, if there are still people in the meeting it should continue recording but split the recordings in 4 hour chunks
Yes, but the question was being able to record the whole meeting in one time. 4 hours is the limit for a single recording regardless of whether people are or aren't in the meeting. As stated above It cannot accommodate the 5 hours as stated above in a single recording

Best, Chris