MS Teams is lowing other sounds when receiving notifications

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i have problem with MS Teams. I'm working on Teams, but I do not making a lot of calls. I'm able to listening to music when working. But i got a lot of notifications from Teams (necessary) and for every notification other sounds from system are getting lower. It's very annoying when listening to music or watching any kind of webinar. Can i somewhere change it? The same with calls. I just don't want to allow Teams to change my volume.
I've tried to uncheck "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" for my speakers and headphones but didn't work for it.

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@Muzykant Did you ever figure this out? Its pretty annoying when you are listening to something and I get a chat notification and it drops the audio from whatever I'm listening to so low that I basically cant hear it. It only applies to notifications I get from Teams and no other Windows 10 notifications. I cant seem to find an option anywhere to change it (in Teams settings or Windows 10).

@Muzykant same problem here. It's only just started doing it (for some reason), but it's really annoying. I have the "When windows detects communication activity" setting in the control panel for "sound" in the "communications" tab set to "Do nothing", which it appears to be ignored by Teams now.




Same issue here, very annoying, found the solution though:



control panel > hardware and sound > sound > tab communication, select do nothing

@steven140 I already stated that that "Do nothing" option doesn't work for Teams which appears to ignore it and lower the volume anyway.

I seem to be working, but found out later it did not work. Anyone found a solution yet, it is really kinda crappy
  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Devices
  3. Noise suppression
  4. Select Off 

That worked for me.


Just for clarification. Where in devices are you seeing noise suppression? Is this under the specific audio device that your content is being delivered through? 


I have tried this but it did not help. The "Do nothing" option is not being honored by teams.
Also tried disabling Exclusive mode but it did not help. "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"
And "Noise suppression" option in teams does also not fix the issue.
I tried a few things and now while set to "do nothing" and turning off exclusive mode in the speakers properties solved the problem for me

@chrischambersku Putting this here so anyone who finds it has the answer. The Noise suppression setting is within Teams settings itself. Settings > Devices > Noise suppression > Set off.



Sorry @Gamdol that Noise Suppression setting has nothing to do with the problem stated here.

Thank you @ReTechNL for this. This worked for me. 


For clarification purposes. This is under Sound Control Panel, then playback tab. Then in the properties section of the device you would like to change. 

  1. Locate the speaker device you would like to change.chrischambersku_0-1618846796132.png
  2. Right click then properties. chrischambersku_1-1618846858119.png


  3. Then under speaker properties, click the Advanced tab. chrischambersku_2-1618846913474.png


  4. Now under Advanced tab, there is a section called Exclusive Mode. Uncheck both "Give Exclusive mode applications priority" and Allow applications to Take exclusive control of this device."chrischambersku_3-1618846988096.png


  5. Clicking apply and restarting Microsoft Teams resolved my issue with the sound ducking. 


@Gamdol @SimonG2085 copying you both on, as this worked. I didn't see this early on in the thread. Hope this helps anyone else. Many Thanks!




I tried everything that @ReTechNL & @chrischambersku mentioned but to no avail. All applications & drivers are up-to-date. MS Teams seems to ignore all settings listed above.


Something that helped me was going into the audio devices properties and turning off the "Enable audio Enhancements" under the advanced tab. You could try that.

@Muzykant Hello, in the Sound Control Panel, switch over to the Communications tab.



Change the setting to Do Nothing. 

@MuzykantI know this is old, but I think I found a fix that seems to work for. In the MS Teams Settings > Notifications, I changed my notification style to Windows (from 'Teams build-in') and it no longer lowers the volume of my music. Hopefully that helps other people



To still get notifications, you'd need to make sure Windows notifications setting is still setup. Settings > System > Notifications and Actions



@Muzykant Hi! This worked for me. Change it from "Teams built-in" to Windows