MS Teams IP-Phone shows allways Offline

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Dear Community, we face a strange behavior with MS Teams IP-Phones (Model Yealink MP54) and Microsoft Teams Room Standard License. The Device Firmware and MS Teams App is uptodate and the sign-in was successfully. In the Teams Admin Center of Devices, the Device is healthy. But the Device is allways Offline, no Calling for In-/Outbound thru Direct Routing is working. Calendar Access and join to Online Meeting is working as expected.  The same IP-Phone Model with a common area phone license is Online and calling is working as expected. If I register a Poly Trio C60 with same Account and same MS Teams App version, the Phone is online. Is this a known Issues and how can we solve this problem.


many thanks for any replay


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Hello Andre,

Any special reason why the IP-Phone is using an MTR license?
The use case are small meeting rooms


I am not sure if that is supported, will try to check

Hi Folks, waiting is in most cases the solution of Microsoft Teams. Since this morning all phones, CAP or Meeting Room are Online are working as expected.....
Glad to hear it's resolved for you

@Andres Gorzelany 


we also have that issue with many environments.


with teams devices - yealink T55a\T58A\T55A