MS Teams integration with DevOps



Please advice how to associate DevOps with MS Teams.

Also please advice what are the settings require in both DevOps and MS Teams.


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AFAIK the tab was for virtual studio team services before, but don’t think they updated it!

There is a connector also:


We already have the Azure DevOps tab in team is using in all the dev projects we have to add a view to the DevOps dashboards so we can integrated how a specific project is going
Oh! That’s great! I’ll check that out
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Hi @Pulak2409 


To follow @Juan Carlos González Martín and @adam Deltinger here is a screenshot to help

Azure DevOps.PNG

This article will also help you to integrate and use the two together


Hope that answers your question!


Best, Chris


Thanks all for your responses.

Can i sprint board which is in azure devops boards in microsoft teams

@Christopher Hoard 

With the "Azure DevOps tab in Teams" are  you able to readily access the Azure DevOps Wiki (presumably for a select project or projects)?

My research suggests perhaps not. Unfortunately, I am unable to test this myself - at this time.