MS Teams: How to turn a private channel back to a standard channel?

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Hi, can anyone tell me how to convert a private channel back to a standard one?
Private channel is lacking (yet) some apps which I would need....
Thx, regards

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What do you mean? private channels aren’t available yet! Do you mean private teams? In that case you could change it from private to public by clicking the three dots next to the team and choose team settings! Then change the setting from here!

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,

we have private channels available since a few weeks, not sure whether we are in beta or not- at least so far its working fine except the limited number of apps available there...
private channel.JPG

Are you in a private preview tenant or using a DEV version or something??
Just keep in mind in case you are under NDA also

@adam deltinger 

Hi, thx, I'll check with my admins next week. Nobody is in today due to a public holiday yesterday..

Yeah, that's probably not public knowledge yet so I wouldn't' go into details about your setup :P, although private channels are no secret that they are coming. What I can cryptically say private channels have different architecture than your regular channel so I doubt you'll be able to just change it to a normal channel, you are probably looking at deleting(rename) and recreating.

@Chris Webb At least I learned, that converting is not possible for various reason.. Thx anyway for your feedback!

@Wolfgang Gottschalk I was looking to create private channel in MsTeams but it looks like it is not available to me. Is there any way to turn on this feature?


@Prakash_Tandukar I have the same problem... any answer for this question?

Either it has been turned off a the global tenant level from the Teams admin center, or any Owner of the Teams has disabled PC creation for members from that Teams settings
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@Wolfgang Gottschalk I don't suspect that there's an easy "click here" method of doing that.

I was investigating the same question today. 

Private Channels actually create an entirely new SP site.  But something on the backend points your Teams Channel to the newly created, private SP site.

Below are three snippets.

The first picture is my team I use for training our employees.  You can see I've created some private channels.

The second picture shows the SP site representing the "public" channels in the Team.  Note the URL for the Team.

The third picture shows the site for the files in the Private Channel.  Note the URL, the QuickNav link to "Parent Team", and the account that made the last 'Modified by".
Based on these things, I don't see an immediately easy way to revert a Private Channel back to a Public Channel.  


1) training team.png


2) public channels.png


3) private channels.png


Thanks for looking into that. Ok, understood- this would obviously require a change in the software architecture. So, only set up a new and transfer manually...


Thx, br



@Wolfgang Gottschalk Thank you!

I have the same issue and it's unfortunate this isnt a quick parameter change. We loose the tabs, etc. Very manual.