MS Teams - how to get notified about incoming call/chat from inactive/second organization?

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I'm seeking help how to create call/chat link to my mail signature (eg. sip:..., call:...), but:

I'm member of two organizations and when somebody is calling or chatting me on the organization that is inactive at the moment, I do not get the ringing and message to accept the call.

The green bullet in status bar icon also do not become red.

Only an hour later I get mail that I missed some chat or call on the second organization.

Please is there any way to:

1) make the signature link that also specify to which organization profile the call should be routed?

2) or at least have working notifications that some incoming activity is happening on my second organization?

Thank you very much.


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@vaclav123 Hi Check out this video it will help you as it is a thing within teams Hoe komt het dat mijn chat niet aankomt in Microsoft Teams Gast vs Extern - YouTube I hope the english translation works.



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Hi Paul,
thank you for response.
I already know what is in this video and I use this approach myself.
The trouble is I can hardly educate by this video all the members of the second organization when they send message to me.
In fact what would be enough for me is if Microsoft fix the notification in the status bar, that the green bullet becomes red bell, for all incoming messages for all organizations.