MS Teams having problems on shared files

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Hello All, 

I am having this recurring problem on MS Teams having problems when I share files for discussion.

When I am not the one sharing, the MS Teams app and even the web-based works fine. 
If I do the sharing in my MS Teams app, my attendee's view of the share file freezes. When I unshare, I get cut-off from the meeting (I cannot hear them, they cannot hear me). And when I close the MS Teams app, it hangs (so I need to close it via Task Manager). And when I try to re-open the MS Teams app, it wont.

I tried to do uninstall, reinstall, clear cache and even back up the file in the MS Teams folder in the Program files but the issue still persists. Will really need help on this. Thanks in advance.

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What kind of files are you sharing when this happens? Does it happen with any common types this happens with more than others?

Not sure if the file (or type) is the source of the issue, but worth considering. Especially if you can re-create the bug after a re-install...
The one I encountered are Power Point, Excel, Word and even PDF files. I had files other than these like photos and even websites that freezes when shared. But most of the time, the Microsoft Office filea are the ones having problems

@Jon_Cruz I am having similar issues. Normal sharing seems to have stopped working and the only way I can share files is through PowerPoint live. 

@DavidK3944 I don't now if you guys found the solution to this but all my file sharing issues via Teams went away when I disabled my VPN. I don't like this, but I consider a temporarily disable of the VPN is a viable workaround.

Hope this helps!