MS Teams had this notification message "We ran into a problem. Reconnecting…" both in Desktop/Web

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I'm an IT Support and just recently I received many tickets about MS Teams having this notification "We ran into a problem. Reconnecting…


This notification is recurring every 15 to 20 minutes and will be reconnected around after 5 minutes. I am supporting users globally so I'm sure that this is not device related problem.


I tried to sign out, uninstall MS Teams, restart the device, install the latest version from web and sign in. But still no luck.


Is there currently MS Teams issue right now?




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Yes! There are problems right now with the Teams service! There is a thread just some posts below about this! You find more info there or probably if you check your service health in the admin portal!
Microsoft is currently working on it!


I have the exact same issue and I am being asked by Microsoft support to check for possible issues within my network. Do you think it could be Networking related? @adam deltinger 

Hard to say with little info, but if MS also stated this its probably best to just check it! Use this resource to start off:

@Dennis Serrano Creencia 

Same issue here. Impossible to connect to external users. Also the users show a Skype icon next to their name, which is not the case, I'm trying to send messages to users that are using Teams.


Also the domains are allowed to communicatie with each other. 


@Kris_Coady same issue here


Teams Desktop App for Mac


@Dennis Serrano Creencia I fixed this by making sure my system clock was synced/up to date... probably one issue of many that can cause the error but worth checking.  



Thanks! But there was a confirmed problem with Microsoft Team at the time I posted the problem.


i had to change the date and time it was misconfigured, right after that it worked just fine @Dennis Serrano Creencia