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Hi Experts,


This is my first post to this community as I am a very new user to Teams.

I was hoping someone could help me understand the difference/benefits/drawbacks between adding a file (MS Project as an example) to the Files tab of a Team vs. adding the MS Project app as a separate tab.


My understanding is that if I add a file to Files, it is stored on the Sharepoint site that is created when the MS Team is created. So, a couple of questions...


1. Does the Team have the same access rights to the MS Project file, whether it resides under Files or as its own tab?

2. Are the licensing requirements the same for the MS Project file, whether it resides under Files or as its own tab?

3. Why would I choose using the Files tab as opposed to the app (MS Project in this case) as a separate tab?


I hope my question is clear. Thanks in advance.



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Hi! Can you explain what you mean by adding it as an app in a tab? What did you do?
The files tab in a channel points to a folder created for that channel in the SP site default library as you said. All members have read/write to all files here by default. If you add other libraries / etc as a tab in a team, teams honor those permissions set on those surfaces. There’s no differences in licensing if you are using storage in SharePoint, whatever library those files are stored in

Hi Adam,

When I talk about adding it as an app in a tab... along the top of MS Teams there are tabs (Posts, Files, etc.), with the rightmost tab being a '+' sign. If I click on the '+' sign I am prompted with a set of apps that I can add as a tab. I hope that clarifies.