MS Teams External Chat not working

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I have been chatting with external users (clients) of different domains from my organizational account. Suddenly, this has stopped working. Instead of an 'External' tag next to their name, Now I see the user as 'Unknown'. The more worrying this, I still get the messages from them, but I'm not able to reply to them.


Can someone help me with this. Thanks in advance!

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Are you the only one in your organisation with this problem or are there more users with the same problem? If there is changes made by your administrator for Teams I suggest that you report this to Microsoft Support via the Office 365 admin portal.

It's actually everyone in my org; not able to chat with external users @Linus Cansby.

@nitishkanann23 Make sure that nothing been changed with the settings for external communications by admins:


Test in the web client


And if that doesn't work contact Microsoft Support.


We have a similar problem. We have this workaround for the problem : 


Click on the name above in the chat, write a message in that chat window. This should work. 




We have a MS case open for this problem but this workaround makes it less of a problem for us.


Do you have exchange on premise or/and used skype on premise?

Is teams only set to "teams only" ?

Any other people with suggestions?