MS Teams desktop application shortcut displays as white and not the Teams app icon

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Hi all,


Apologies if this question has possibly been addressed before.


I have an issue reported by one of our clients whereby the MS Teams desktop application shortcut displays white and not the initial Teams application icon. This occurs for all users.


I have performed the below already,


+ Uninstalled the application, ran the MS Teams cleanup tool

+ Reinstalled the latest MS Teams and immediately the icon displays white

+ The only way that I am able to have the desktop icon display as it should is by pointing the shortcut      to %USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\app.ico and         not %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe but doing so is a manual process.


All users laptops/workstations have the Windows 10 Pro build 1803 with latest updates 


Any advice and assistance would be appreciated.



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@Caleb_smith79 I have another solution. Before doing the following, You have to enable "Show hidden files" in File Explorer. First, go to C:\ProgramData\Your computer manufacturer name \Microsoft\Teams\current\resources\assets and delete blueberryTaskbar.ico. Afterwards, Find Taskbar.ico and rename it to "blueberryTaskbar". If you have pinned Microsoft Teams in the taskbar, Then Right-click the icon and you can see Microsoft Teams, Right-click that and go to Properties. You can see a button "Change Icon..." press that and put this location the Box %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\HP\Microsoft\Teams\current\resources\assets\blueberryTaskbar.ico. You can see  one icon. Press that and press "Apply" And press "Ok". Then Unpin The icon in the taskbar and pin it one more time. Then you can Press this icon


in the taskbar.if you don't see the microsoft teams icon after pressing this

RaihanKR_3-1626855806484.pngYou can open microsft teams and close the app

And right-click the teams icon.There You can find many option but you have to press Quit. Then reopen Teams. At last, You can see the Normal teams icon. 


If you have any Problems, You can reply the Solution and I will do my best to fix that to.






My solution was to right click the white icon (looks like a sheet of paper) and remove from the desktop.  Open in the Windows tab and add shortcut to desktop and the icon displays correctly.