MS Teams Desktop APP - Sorry we couldn't connect you.

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Hello all ,


I want to roll out MS teams to use company wide since we have included in our office365 bundle . I have created a small user test group before company wide push. My issue is that in some of the users i am facing the issue where the desktop app will not connect to any Audio/Video meeting with the error "Sorry we couldn't connect you". Others it works fine.


Clipboard - March 27, 2020 2_01 PM.png


The users can join all meeting fine via a browser though.


I have checked event logs and the only error i see when joining a meeting is the 4227 error TCIP .


Clipboard - March 30, 2020 9_30 AM.png


I have tried reinstall ms teams , restart pc , check drivers nothing.


I havealso tried manual install from downlaoded msi and exe still same issue.


Can anyone pelase help ?

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We're experiencing the same error for any call from a call queue to some users.  If they login to a fresh machine with Teams, then they don't have the problem.  We have NOT tried the reg key fix that was suggested here yet.  With so many people experiencing, seems like a bigger issues with the Teams desktop client itself.


I encountered this today with a user.

He had been on a Teams meeting earlier and had left his Bluetooth speakers on & connected to the laptop.

He got the "Sorry we couldn't connect you" Teams app message when he tried to join a later meeting.

He changed Teams to use system speaker, then he could connect.

He was then able to change Teams to use the Bluetooth speakers.

I suspect that signing out and back in to Teams would have done it too - to use system speakers instead of Bluetooth.

MS Teams Desktop APP - Sorry we couldn't connect to solve this

FWIW I was able to resolve this for me by Sign Out and back in again. A password change may have affected it. Note that restarting the app was not enough.


This worked great for me, thanks for the advice.

@Andrew Matthews Hi Andrew, if you are using a VPN the IP address is constantly changing each time you connect. How do you enter in the IP address for IPv4 with IP address changing?

@TechEng The web services for Microsoft Teams use a defined range of IP Addresses. There is a public document with the ranges on


If you are talking about changing the TCP/IP port ranges. That should be a standard part of your build on Windows 10. The settings in the link that I provided do not hard set the client IP address, they change the dynamic port ranges to maximise the number of ports available.



Hello, I ham experiencing same problem on my work PC, can't connect to a call or can not call anybody. The issue is of Microsoft teams for PC, can call via browser, mobile app.. I did everything except formatting.
Will you care about this kind of issue ??