Ms Teams - Designate a group of signers for the entire company (Accessibility)



Hello team,


As Microsoft is slowly introducing "Sign Language View for Teams Meetings", I wonder if we could have an additional option such as "Designate a group of signers for the entire company" on top of the fourth identified so far below.


  1. Assign interpreters before a meeting.
  2. Assign interpreters during a meeting from the Accessibility tab.
  3. Assign interpreters during a meeting from the Participants list or participant context menu.
  4. Designate a signer for everyone in the meeting.


Doing so would help increase the usage of the functionality if signers jump into meetings where they are not necessarily added as meeting signers. Is this in the pipeline? If not, I will submit one feedback.


Thank you







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@Dimitri_Pletschette, thank you for your feedback on sign language view in Teams meetings. Accessibility team is looking into ways how to improve this scenario in the future.