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Hei Community,
I hope you are all well and safe. I`m having trouble with my MS Teams delaying all incoming messages from colleagues(outgoing messages seems to be sent on time) I`m only made aware when someone has sent me a message is either by receiving notification email via outlook with text they`ve sent(not always it will appear on my Teams, so I would need to start new conversation) OR when I notice pop-up on my mobile phone(mobile phone however seems to update conversation on time). I`ve checked my other PC where I also have Teams installed and linked to the same account(There it seems to be working as expected) 
So I believe its my laptop for whatever reason. Has anyone else experienced similar issue/seen and is aware on how to resolve this?
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@VSILVR10 Hey, a colleague of mine had a similar issue today actually. He first did a manual sign out / sign in using the Teams desktop client and it got a bit better. But when he deleted the entire Teams desktop cache the problem was solved. So.


1. Sign out and back in using the Teams desktop app.


If no success.


2. Delete the Teams app cache (go to start button and type %appdata%\microsoft\teams and press enter. Delete the content in the Teams folder).


If on a Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I`ve just cleared the folder you mentioned and tested incoming messages. They are getting updated on time(no more delays) so massive THANK YOU :)
Have a lovely day!
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Hey @VSILVR10 


I just deleted the content from Teams folder for the same problem you had (delay receiving messages) but now the pictures for my chat users and teams do not appear. Did you have the same issue? 


Thanks in advance

Here is the screenshot:





I experienced the same and tried closing Teams, then logging back in (did not resolve).  I was going to try deleting the application cache as noted in this thread.  I closed Teams, then attempted to rename the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams folder.  It said the folder was still in use, so I launched Task Manager and it revealed that multiple Teams processes were active.  I ended all Microsoft Teams processes, then relaunched and the IM delay was gone.  Something else to check.  Hope this helps.