MS teams crashed on Mac during meeting recording

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Hi Colleagues,
During meeting recording for wide audience MS teams become non responding and later on Mac itself stuck along with reboot. Once Mac restarted I re-joined MS teams meeting and saw that my meeting recording is still active. I've finished meeting recording at the end of the  call, but meeting recording didn't appear nor on MS teams meeting chat nor on
Where I can find meeting presentation?Temp files? the recording was done for vice-presidents lvl and its very crucial to find it.
I was tried to find it in /var/folders files but with no success.
Looking forward to reply on this issue

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Hi, how long since the meeting ended? It can take a short while for the recordings to become available.

6 hours already since the meeting. so far no recording appeared



Hmm, should be available by now then.  I'm wondering if despite the meeting recording appearing to have remained active while you were disconnected - that it actually caused a disruption, and hence it hasn't actually saved.


What you could try if you are an admin (or ask admin to check for you) is to view the M365 audit log activity from Stream.  You can check out how to do this at 

@PeterRising thanks for your reply.
Definitely I have no access to
Till contacting admin for checking 1 user related issue in organization with 100 000 employees, could you share some information if they (admins) will be able to recover video stream?



The auditing may show what happened, but no guarantees I would say as the recording was potentially interrupted.  It is worth a look however. As for retrieving it, that may prove not to be possible if it was never considered saved.