MS Teams copy link for files doesn't provide Teams link, only give SharePoint link

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I have one user in our org that is facing unusual issue with MS teams.

Usually if we click on copy link in MS teams for any file to share, we get two links one for MS teams and another for SharePoint like below.



But with this user, out of nowhere one link has disappeared and now that user only gets one link for SharePoint only.




Only this user is affected with this and no other has reported. We tried to re-install teams from scratch with other troubleshooting as well but nothing has changed this. I even noticed that his Teams web app appearance has changed like this when tried to copy link.


Does anyone know any resolution for this how to get it back to two copy links Teams and SharePoint instead of just one?

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Is this happening both in Desktop and Browser versions?
Yes, it is happening with both desktop (latest version) and web browser Teams apps
The dialog on the 2nd screenshot belongs to SharePoint UX, tried to repro but couldn't.
Did you try clearing the browser cache?
Is this happening for the user on a brand new team\channel?
I tried cleaning cache but I dont think it is something related to cache as Desktop app is also behaving same.
For all the Teams/channel it is doing the same for that one user.
Ok, I was able to reproduce...
Received the same dialog when I am a guest in another org's tenant...

Is your user a guest in the tenant?
No the user is not guest user, he is active O365 licensed user as a part of tenant
Ok I understand, sometimes it happens that we don't realize we are using another tenant's account to access a tenant, it happened to me, especially having access to multiple tenants.

Will keep trying to repro...

@Andres Gorzelany I am experiencing this exact same problem.  Began after November 27th (for me).  Have you found a solution to this problem that you can share?  


MS Teams Copy Link, in both client and web version, no longer produces a Teams link, and instead only produces a Sharepoint link.

I have opened a ticket with Microsoft and they are actually going to implement this soon to everyone as they can see one sharepoint link only in their beta version right now but they are digging about why it is just occurring with one user in our tenant.

They have got all the logs and everything so now I am waiting to hear back from them but I believe there wont be any solution as one MS Technical engineer who was on a call with me gave me a hint about these change so I am expecting a definitive answer from them now
Recently my own teams has changed to one link now so looks like it will be for everyone sooner or later

They are on You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/8/2021.
They are on
You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/8/2021.

@Matthew Carter 

This is my and all other user in my tenant version




oh gosh, wow, thank you. I sort of liked the option of being in Teams and or SharePoint. I am sure it will / is going to confuse a LOT of people with it being gone.
Thank you for taking the time let me know!
Any updates from MS on this? To eliminate the option seems senseless on its own, but to do so in favor of supplying a Sharepoint link must be a mistake.
If I understand correctly, you were told that this will be the new default? No more Teams link? Thanks for clarifying.
I have provided them what they asked and waiting from them for a definitive answer but yes from what our initial meeting with MS, we got the hint from the support engineer that this will be new permanent now.
No more Teams link, only SharePoint link for everyone.
This update just rolled through our organization and it is making it a challenge to promote MS Teams adoption and maintain the user experience inside of MS teams when linking to files/folders now drives them to SP online.
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I got confirmation from Microsoft that they are going ahead with this changeover and above link is the roadmap they provided.
I know I feel the same as you guys but hey It's Microsoft !

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