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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this one


We are in the process of implementing Teams Enterprise Voice via Direct Routing and I am facing an issue with incoming calls from unlicensed users/contacts. When our users receive a call, the telephone number is displayed along with 'unknown user' and not the real name of the caller. We have an outsourced Service Desk who are calling in to our users but as it shows as an 'unknown user' the calls are being ignored. Not good for the stats!


I have tried adding contacts, sync'd on-prem users and cloud only users with the relevant phone numbers populated on the accounts but no dice. The test accounts I have created are searchable via the Teams client and I can call out to the numbers but incoming calls will not display the name of the caller.


Is this even possible for Teams to identify callers by referencing Azure AD / GAL users and am I just missing something simple? Do the users/contacts require specific formatting for example?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Can you please request the End Users to add the contact to their Microsoft Teams Contact and check if they are able to see the contact name while the incoming calls are coming across. I tried replicating the same with the Microsoft Calling Plans and works seamlessly.

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Satish U
Thank you very much for your response Satish.

Are you saying that Teams will only resolve the incoming number to contacts stored locally and that we can't use accounts stored in the GAL/Azure AD? We have 1500+ users so having them all create local contacts would be a huge ask.

Thanks again