MS Teams - Coexistence Mode - SfBWithTeamsCollab



I have a SfB Hybrid setup, where I moved some On-Premise SfB user to Teams Only Mode

But have some problems when the MS Teams Only user start an chat


User A is the SfB Online user, with Teams Coexistence Mode set to TeamsOnly
User B is the SfB On-Premise user, with Teams Coexistence Mode set to SfBWithTeamsCollab


User A start an chat to User B, but User B never see this chat in the SfB client.

User B is logon to MS Teams thru the Teams WebApp, and can see an increasing number on the web tap - one for each chat user A sent.
User B don't have any option to start chats from MS Teams


User B start an chat to User A
User A receive the chat in MS Teams, and reply to this chat.
User B do receive the this in the SfB client.
Everything seems to work as expected.


Any ideas where I should look to fix scenario 1?

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It says if the originator is TeamsOnly, and the recipient is in SfB* mode, then it will be routed to the SfB client
But this fails in my case
Try with the official support for a proper answer as to why the table says something different to what you’re experiencing.