MS Teams Chat Export Failure

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Hello, I am the admin account for an organization on MS Teams. For internal purposes we need to export all chats that are stored within my MS Teams account. When I follow the guidance, and open json file, it shows me 0 conversations / messages (I opened it via several json viewers and the result is the same). I've done a 2nd export and it gives me the same empty file. Can somebody help me please? Is there another method to export the chat in another format? Doing it manually won't be possible as the chats are long. Thanks in advance! 

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What guidance are you following? The only supported by Microsoft method is to perform an eDiscovery:
Although it's only useful when you have Advanced eDIscovery:
Hello, you should have a look at the Microsoft Teams Export APIs as well (in addition to Vasils suggestion)

@Vasil Michev Hello Vasil, thank you for the answer. I was referring to this guidance -

The Microsoft support team told me later on that this works only for personal accounts. My account is a trial MS Teams, free of charge account for business and that is why I cannot follow your suggestion. I called the support team and they told me they do not provide support to the users on trial. Do you have any other solution perhaps? We are eager to pay a fee for this chat export.