MS Teams calling unable to transfer to a user created contact

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Hi - We have run into an issue with Teams calling.  We would like to be able to have users create contacts and be able to transfer calls to these contacts.  The issue is that the search results only look at directory contacts and does not show any contacts that the user has created.  It is of course possible to type in the number and transfer, but this would require the user to know the number or have to look up the number to type it in.  

This would need to work both for the desktop client and the physical Teams phone.

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@JohnMajor2112 - You can vote for it here Teams Contact sync with Outlook – Welcome to UserVoice!  and add your comment, showing external added contacts on transfer search also part of this item. 


@JohnMajor2112 Was this ever resolved or workaround available?  We are experiencing this exact same issue.  

@dwilliamsucbi would like to know the same thing.

Is this still on the roadmap to be in a call and transfer to an external saved contact or speed dial?@JohnMajor2112 

Last reply was over a year ago. Would love to know if this feature will be coming with the newest Teams rollout.