MS Teams - call queue - number from direct routing?


How to create Call queue for Microsoft Teams (or Skype for Business Online), when phone number (line number / caller ID) should be used from Direct Routing?


I do not see Powershell way, and I do have option just to purchase new numbers from Microsoft directly, but I want to use existing numbers (that can not be ported to Microsoft), and are in use through Microsoft Teams – direct routing.


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@Hrvoje Kusulja 


Anybody else having issues with Audio (Media Flow) when using Direct Routing for a Call Queue. Inbound\Outbound PSTN calls work fine to the Teams User Direct Dial. However, when I call the Teams Call Queue (own number assigned to Resource Account), the call rings on the Teams client and can be answered but get no media flow either way?

We had that same issue with call queues and Microsoft service numbers. There is certainly some issues in the call queue functionality. When we switched to direct routing things were better but not perfect.


Thanks. We are Direct Routing and haven't used MS provided service numbers.

We had been waiting for them to allow Direct Routing numbers for Call Queues which only went into GA recently so purposefully held off. Obviously, they still have a bit of work to do!

We have created a call queue and tested by calling the SIP URI and its working, which is routing to the user configure on it.
When we created an AA and associate the Call queue to it, while calling from SFB via SIP URI of AA, calls show transfering to Call queue however it doesnt reach the user.
Have anyone encounter this?



We are seeing the same issue when using on premises numbers for Direct Routing in a call queue.

@Ben Lockwood 


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Call is currently with Microsoft for investigation. Awaiting their feedback. It has been with them for a while. They are suggesting the issue is within their control.

Will update back here when I hear back.



@Ben Lockwood 


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What Session Border Controller are you using? 





@Ben Lockwood 


OK - just checking to see if was Ribbon.


I've just downloaded the latest firmware which looks to have resolved the issue.

@Ben Lockwood 


You may be aware but Audiocodes have just released a new software update which looks to have a lot of improvements\fixes for Teams related voice issues.

Maybe get it installed and see if it fixes the issue


Release is Software Update Version 7.20A.254

I opened a ticket with Microsoft and we found out it will not work with the Polycom VVX phones. Also the user that is part of the queue has to be in Teams Only mode and then it will work as well. We aren't quite ready to go to Teams Only mode so we aren't able to use this feature quite yet. We are still waiting on a few interop features to come through before switching our pilot team to full Teams Only.